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SAVE UP TO 25% on malt whisky at Oddbins


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Whiskey Glass and BottleGet the best deals on clubs and plans that are focused on the very best of Whiskey and rare spirits. Whether it is for investment of enjoyment, this guide will show you which of the clubs give you the biggest discounts and have the widest selection of the finest in spirits and fortified wines.


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The Whiskey Exchange

Whisky Exchange - SAVE UP TO 50% on whisky, cognac and other spirits, just see their 'Special Offers' page. An outstanding selection of Whisky from across the world.

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Oddbinns - SAVE UP TO 25% on whisky. The renowned High street retailer has an excellent selection of the more mainstream Whiskys at good value prices.

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Vintage Wine Gifts

Vintage Wine Gifts - FREE wine accessories kit with orders over £29.77. One of the most extensive ranges of Rare and Vintage whiskys and other spirits available

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The Drink Shop

TheDrinkShop.com - SAVE UP TO 15%. Here you can find a good selection of all kinds of Whiskys and spirits at good prices and free UK delivery on larger orders.

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Waitrose Wine

Waitrose Wine Direct - SAVE UP TO £8 a bottle of whisky. A good place to buy whisky and other spirits from their online store.

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The Whiskey Exhange Scottish

Whisky Exchange Scottish Whisky - SAVE UP TO 27% OFF. A specialist range of the finest in Scottish whiskys.


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Sunday Times First Cask Malt Whisky Club - SAVE £15 on a magnificent 20 year old single malt Ardmore whisky. Total price to pay for this introductory offer is £39.99 and you receive a free bottle of mineral water.



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The Scottish Malt Whisky Regions

Speyside Single Malt Whisky, Highland Single Malt Whisky, Lowland Single Malt Whisky, Island Single Malt Whisky and Islay Single Malt Whisky

Speyside Single Malt Whisky 

Speyside Malts are from a smallish region in the Highlands, North-East of Aberdeen and west - south-west of Inverness. They range from light floral honeyed whiskies, to an almost Liqueur like sherried sweetness and some even have the odd peated malt taste.

Island Single Malt Whisky

The Islands region is quite a broad classification for Malt Whisky as it covers quite a variety of tastes from the Peaty/Smokey flavour of Highland Park to the lighter fragrance of Talisker. Here we bring you a selection from this region which we hope you may take some time to enjoy in the future. You will find that many of the most famous and sought after Malt's come from the Islands region.

Highlands Single Malt Whisky 

By far the biggest region geographically, the Highlands inevitably embraces wide variations. It is difficult to generalise about the character of the Highland Malts, if they have anything in common, it is a rounded, firm, dry character, with some peatiness. The far north of the Highlands has several whiskies with a notably heathery, spicy, character, deriving from the local peat soil. The more sheltered East Highlands and the Midlands of Scotland (often described as the South Highlands) have a number of sweeter & fruity whiskies. None of these Highland areas is officially regarded as a region, though they surround the area known as Speyside.

Lowland Single Malt Whisky 

The Lowlands Whisky Distilleries produce a much maltier and less peaty whisky which is much softer and more mellow than the Highland and Island Malts. Although the number of distilleries in the Lowlands is quite small considering its geographic area they are often more sought after and higher priced than their Highland counter parts.

Islay Single Malt 

Malt Whisky from the Isle of Islay is often thought to be some of the finest Malt Whiskies available. With definite Peat undertones and a hint of the surrounding sea, Islay Malts are as distinctive as they are popular.





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