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John Lewis has a wide range of wine accessories including wine glasses, wine racks, wine fridges, corkscrews and wine coolers.


Corkscrews & Wine Openers

Wine GlassesThere are a number of types of corkscrews and wine openers available. The most popular tend to be lever corkscrews and you can find these in a variety of styles to suit your taste from classic to modern designs. There are also a number of rechargeable electric corkscrews for those who have difficulty removing corks. Screwpull, the inventor of the innovative lever corkscrews, is one of the most popular brands of wine openers. Screwpull also make a pocket model which can be operated with a single finger which is highly recommended for those with arthritis.

On this page you can find some of the leading retailers of corkscrews and wine openers. There are also some specific products that we have tested and reviewed to give you an idea of the best picks available. If you are looking for a gift idea, Screwpull corkscrew sets are worth a look as they tend to come complete with a presentation box.

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Top 10 Corkscrews:




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L’Atelier du Vin Black Classic Lever Corkscrew

Screwpull LM-350 Corkscrew Gift Set - This great Screwpull gift set contains an easy-to-use lever corkscrew which has a trigger grip handle and automatically adjusts to the size of the bottle's neck. It comes with a foil cutter, drip ring and stopper for unfinished bottles of wine.


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Screwpull Platinum LM-350 Trigger

Screwpull Platinum LM-350 Trigger Lever Model Corkscrew - An ultra-stylish shiny silvery-white finish lever corkscrew especially designed to celebrate the 30-Year Anniversary of the brand. The innovative ‘Trigger’ grip handle needs only one hand to securely grip the bottle and opens wider to accommodate wide neck bottles. It comes complete with new soft touch stand & matching metal foilcutter. This corkscrew set is presented in a premium black wooden case. The perfect gift for the wine lover. 10 year guarantee.



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Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew with Thermometer

Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew with Thermometer - This wine corkscrew is easy to use. Simply press the 'down' button to screw the worm in to the cork, then press the 'up' button to extract the cork. The digital temperature display allows you to check the temperature of your wine as you're removing the cork. Opens over 50 bottles before the need to recharge. Foil cutter included.


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The Stoddart Corkscrew

The Stoddart Corkscrew - This opener utilises a ratchet technique to help prise out corks. An integrated foil cutter simply becomes part of the process without the need for other accessories & easily slots over the top of any wine or champagne bottle neck. Rather than having to pull hard to remove the cork, the ratchet system keeps the whole unit in the same place and pulls the cork upwards with the least of effort.



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NScessity Rechargeable Wine Opener

NScessity NSRBO-88BK Rechargeable Wine Opener, Black - This corkscrew allows you to open a bottle of wine quickly and with minimal effort. It’s a rechargeable corkscrew that can uncork up to 50 bottles. Comfortable rubberised grip and a button you simply press to get it started. Stops automatically; you then operate the opener in reverse to remove the cork. Invaluable for parties or for those who have difficulty operating a traditional corkscrew, it’s supplied with a foil cutter and a charging base.



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Vacu Vin 66494 Wine Master Corkscrew

Vacu Vin 66494 Wine Master Corkscrew - Extract wine bottle corks with ease with this Vacu Vin wine opener - just insert the spiral and pull down the ratcheted levers. With clip-on foil cutter.


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Screwpull Le Creuset Classic Table Corkscrew

Screwpull Le Creuset Classic Table Corkscrew - Called "simply the world's best corkscrew", the original self-pulling Screwpull corkscrew still has no equal. Its elegant helical perfectly shaped screw, coated with Teflon, turns easily to glide corks smoothly out of their bottles effortlessly and perfectly every time. No pulling required.


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Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew

Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew - Velvet Black - The Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew is a modern and stylish wine opener with all metal gears which plugs a cork in 3 seconds flat. Automatically ejects cork. Works on all bottle sizes and cork types. Comes with foil cutter & extra spiral and 10 year warranty.


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Screwpull Pocket Model

Screwpull Pocket Model Corkscrew - This screwpull corkscrew is a folding version of the Table Model with an extending handle that packs away when not in use. It can be operated with a finger and is also highly recommended for people with arthritis. 5 Year Guarantee.


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